This FAQ has 3 parts:

Meta questions:

Q: Why name "F*EX" and not shortly "FEX"?

A: At publication time there was already an (older) program named "FEX" on 

Q: Why not use one of the commercial services like
   DropLoad, ALLPeers, YouSendIt, etc?

A: They have a limit of 2 GB or even less.
   Their security and privacy status is unknown.
   They are not open source based.
   There are no UNIX (CLI) clients for them.
   They need java, active-X, flash or other evil plugins.
   It is unknown how long they will exist - DropLoad and ALLPeers already
   have terminated their business.

Q: Why a camel as the logo?

A: The logo was inspired by the Perl camel, but it is based on a Steiff
   plush camel, which rides with us on our racing tandem. The logo was
   drawn by my stoker Beate

Q: Where can I get the F*EX sources?


Q: Who is the author?

A: Ulli Horlacher <>

Q: Which licence does F*EX have?

A: GNU GPL free software, see

Q: Is there a F*EX mailing list?


Q: I have more/other questions than in this document!

A: Ask the author <>

Admin questions:

Q: I cannot install a web server like fexsrv, because I have no root
   permissions. Is there a pure-CGI-version of F*EX which runs with an
   apache web server?

A: F*EX is hard bound to fexsrv for several reasons (performance, file
   size limit, session concept, etc) and cannot be run as CGI under apache. 
   But you might have a look at 
   (German only!) 
   which implements a file exchange on apache base (but both limited to 2 GB).

Q: F*EX is not working at all! I cannot connect to it with my web browser!

A: Check your routing, ipfilters and firewall setup. 
   Also check whether your xinetd is linked with tcp-wrapper and configure
   it correctly (hosts.allow).
   F*EX needs port 80/tcp (HTTP) and optional port 443/tcp (HTTPS).

Q: F*EX is too complicated! I need something more simplified.

A: Try

Q: I want that all of my local users can use F*EX automaticly. How?

A: Let them register theirselves with http://yourfexserver/fur
   You have to edit lib/ and set (example):
   @local_hosts = qw(;
   @local_domains = qw(;
   (Of course you have to add your real local hosts/networks!)

Q: I need more security! How can I enable HTTPS?

A: Read doc/SSL and also look for "fop_auth" in doc/concept 

Q: I need a corporate identity look. How can I configure F*EX in this way?

A: See fup_template.html, modify it to your needs and use it as your

User questions:

Q: I have uploaded a HUGE file but misspelled my recipient's address. Now I
   have got an error bounce e-mail. Must I re-upload the HUGE file?

A: No, it is not necessary. You can redirect the file with 
   Redirect Files

Q: I cannot upload files > 2 GB with my web browser!?

A: All web browsers I am aware of have bugs in their HTML-FORM
   implementation. The limit mostly is 2 GB, sometimes 4 GB. 
   You have to use a special F*EX client to upload files > 2 GB, see

Q: Sending as a F*EX user is easy, but how to receive files from non-F*EX

A: Register them as your sub-users with Userregistrierung

Q: Sometimes I can download a file more than once, especially when I
   repeat it quickly. Is the autodelete feature buggy?
A: The F*EX server has a grace time of 1 minute after first sucessfully
   download in which the file is still available. This is necessary
   because of some stupid "download managers" which requests the file
   several times at once. Otherwise they would report an error to the user.

A: Power users (use the source, Luke!) can set a "do not delete after
   download" flag.

Misc questions:

Q: F*EX is great! Can I join the developing team? What needs to be done?

A: Contact the author
   Missing features are:
     - integrated zip tool in the java client to send more than one file
       at once
     - the admin tool fac as a CGI implementation, so that F*EX can be
       controlled completly by webbrowser